As an investment advisor, I take a 360-degree view of the domestic and global economy to evaluate trends, insights, forecasts and connections that lead to forward-thinking solutions, not ones made by looking in the rear-view mirror.

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for ways to improve systems or invent technology platforms that can be used for greater efficiency and productivity.

Here are some examples:

  • Founded Retirement Corporation of America (RCA) – one of the first of its kind investment advisory firms specializing in retirement planning.
  • Launched Retirement University to encourage retired clients to become life-long learners. Retirement University offers on-site and online classes on topics such as financial planning, health and nutrition, technology, hobbies and crafts.
  • Founding partner of Diligent Corporation. Diligent Boards – the flagship product – is now used by more than 145,000 professionals at over 4,700 organizations to provide secure and accurate digital transmission and storage of confidential corporate information.
  • Created Money Masters®, one of America’s first online registered investment advisory services.

I want to lead the effort to align Washington with leading technology companies – and take advantage of cost saving methods to improve workers productivity and job satisfaction.