Big Family Philosophy


Commitment to serving others. Financial sacrifice and generosity for others in need. Hard work, persistence, and honesty. Respect for family members and important traditions. Patriotism and political involvement.

These were the values and beliefs that I learned while gathered around our kitchen table with my parents, six sisters and three brothers in Cincinnati. And these are the values I share with my wife of 20 years and our four children.


I attended St. Xavier High School, Cincinnati, for one year. I transferred to, and proudly graduated from Northwest High School. At Harvard University, I swam varsity for four years and graduated Cum Laude in General Studies.


I started my first job at age 13, then worked as a greens keeper, construction laborer, and waiter to pay my way through high school and college. In 1981, my first job out of Harvard was selling real estate in Houston, Texas. In 1984, I returned to Cincinnati and followed in my father’s footsteps and became a personal investment advisor. In 1988, I founded Retirement Corporation of America (RCA) – an independent registered investment advisory firm that specializes in helping workers replace their paycheck and retire in comfort. As Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of RCA for more than 30 years, we helped hundreds of families make difficult decisions about how to invest their assets and generate consistent monthly cash flow for spending.

Called to Serve

As a Christian, I believe that God provides each of us with a unique set of life skills and experiences which we can use to serve others. My God-given talents happen to be centered around family and finance.

My parents Tom and Mary Lane Kiley

My parents Tom and Mary Lane Kiley

Growing up in a large Irish-Catholic family of 10 children, I was inspired by my parents’ dedicated service toward helping others. My father, Tom Kiley, was a Deacon in the Catholic church and ministered to prisoners and counseled local families who faced challenging circumstances. My mother, Mary Lane, was a school teacher and encouraged academic excellence from each of her 10 children.

Answering God’s call affords us the opportunity to contribute something very meaningful to others in our community – something that would not have been possible without us, something that we excel at and something that we enjoy. I believe that everything in my life so far has led me to accepting this call and beginning my new role as a public servant.

Having been richly blessed through my roles as an advisor and entrepreneur, I want to focus solely on giving back to my country, the state of Ohio and my community.